Question: I remember a show from the '80s called Throb.  It was about a mother who goes to work for a record company.  I don't remember the star of the show, but I do recall a young Jane Leeves as a character called Blue. Am I nuts or was this a show?  I thought it may have been syndicated. Thanks. — Melissa

Televisionary: It was indeed syndicated, Melissa. Throb, 48 episodes of which were produced from 1986-88, starred Diana Canova, veteran of Soap and I'm a Big Girl Now (a short-lived sitcom in which she played Danny Thomas's daughter).

The sitcom, the title of which sounds more like the set-up for a South Park episode than an actual series, revolved around Canova's single-mom character Sandy, who took a new job at Manhattan-based Throb Records as the series began. Her boss was the libidinous Zach (Jonathan Prince) and her best pal was teacher Meredith (Fridays's Maryedith Burrell).

As you say, Frasier's Jane Leeves played punker Blue, a co-worker of Sandy's at Throb (and later in the series, her roommate). While Canova played the nymphomaniac Corinne on Soap, Sandy was far more straitlaced, so Leeves's talent-coordinator Brit took up the lusty slack with her promiscuous doings. It's worth noting, however, that with the show's second season, Blue changed her ways after going for an AIDS test. "We have a large young audience," supervising producer Fredi Towbin told TV Guide at the time. "And I feel we have a strong responsibility to them."