Question: I recently saw Jane Seymour on an episode of Oprah discussing East of Eden. Apparently Miss Seymour played the part of Cathy/Cate in a TV mini-series based on John Steinbeck's novel. Can you tell me more about the mini-series? Who were the other actors, when was it shown and is it available to rent on video? — Karen V., Lowman, N.Y.

Televisionary: That was an ABC mini-series that aired over three nights in February, 1981, and starred Warren Oates as papa Adam Trask, Timothy Bottoms as son Adam and Bruce Boxleitner as Adam's wayward brother Charles. Seymour played manipulative hellion Cathy Ames, who married Adam and bore him twin sons, Cal (Sam Bottoms) and Aron (Hart Bochner), before heading off to work in a brothel.

Fans of the 1955 Elia Kazan feature will recall that Cal was played by James Dean, but that movie focused only on the last third of the story while this mini-series related the whole novel.

You may find copies of it available for rental, but I don't think you'll have that easy a time of it.