Question: I recently began watching NYPD Blue. I love this show very much. I am wondering if you can tell me what happened to Andy's second wife, Sylvia. Why did that character leave the show and what where the circumstances involved? — Erin S.

Televisionary: Well, if you love catching up with the show, you might not want to read what happened. So I'll answer your first safely: Sharon Lawrence, who played Asst. District Attorney Sylvia Costas, had already given up playing the role fulltime so she could star in her own sitcom, NBC's Fired Up. When that was cancelled, she came back to Blue for 10 episodes, but asked that she be given something interesting to do. When she found her storylines to be boring, she left for good. Stop reading right now if you don't want the rerun surprise ruined. Still with me? Then I'll tell you she was shot and killed at the courthouse by a murder victim's father. The man was trying to take revenge on the suspect in the case, which Sylvia was prosecuting.