Question: Is it possible The West Wing's John Spencer may be ill in real life? He seems to look very frail this year, and his heart-attack story line takes him off the main stories. Dig a little deeper. — James Lengell

Ausiello: That's quite a little conspiracy theory you've concocted there, Jimmy. But the reality is, Spencer's "frail" appearance is the result of a new diet, not some mysterious illness. Turns out, Leo's health scare served as a profound wake-up call for the actor. "Leo worked himself into a heart attack by not taking care of himself," Spencer told my colleague, Mary Murphy. "Unlike Leo, I do not want to burn out completely. I do not want to have a heart attack in the woods. Since [I shot that episode] I have taken much better care of myself. I went on a nutritional diet, I hired a cook to make health meals, and I did the thing I have been trying to do for years — I stopped smoking." Is that deep enough for you, Jimmy?