Question: Is Maura Tierney of ER any relation to Gene or Lawrence Tierney? — Harold, Glendale, Cal.

Televisionary: In name only, Harold. The actress, who plays nurse Abby Lockhart on the powerhouse NBC drama, grew up in the decidedly non-showbiz-oriented Boston suburb of Hyde Park, Mass. Her dad, Joseph, was on the city council there and her mom is a real estate agent — a far cry from both Lawrence and Gene.

Tierney first appeared as a TV regular in the legendary Norman Lear's 704 Hauser, but she made her mark opposite Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Andy Dick and crew as newswriter Lisa Miller on NBC's sitcom NewsRadio, which ran from 1995-99. She's currently on the big screen in Insomnia and has also made appearances in such films as Forces of Nature, Primary Colors and Liar Liar.