Question: Jeanette Nolan played Sally Fergus on Gunsmoke. If I remember correctly she had a spinoff show of her own, playing Sally Fergus. If so, are there copies of her show available? — Gene A. Jr., Dunreith, Ind.

Televisionary: None that I was able to locate, Gene, and given the extremely short time the series was on the air, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to come out if I were you.

As you say, Dirty Sally, which debuted on CBS in January 1974, was a Gunsmoke spinoff. (Though again, if you technically define "spinoff" as a show's regular character getting their own series, Dirty Sally was more of a back-door pilot since Nolan's character appeared in only two Gunsmoke episodes.)

In the show, Nolan played a tough-as-rawhide, bottle-hoisting old lady who was headed for gold in California with her former-gunfighter pal Pike (Dallas's Dack Rambo). They didn't get all that far, however. Dirty Sally was wiped off the air by mid-July.