Question: My husband insists that racing celebrity Tommy Ivo appeared on an episode of Leave it to Beaver as a child, but we've never been able to spot him. Any help with this one, oh, wise and wonderful visionary? — Mary S., Ellijay, Ga.

Televisionary: But of course, oh, good-with-the-kissing-up Mary.

Hubby's correct. Ivo, the famed drag racer, first appeared in the Oct. 3, 1959

Beaver episode, "Blind Date Committee," in which Wally headed up (what else?) the blind date committee for a school dance and ended up trying to land a companion for a new girl in town. He played the same character, Duke Hathaway, in the June 11, 1960 episode, "Wally's Play." (See our Beaver ShowGuide page for info on that and all other episodes.)

And actually, Ivo had quite a show-biz career going in addition to his racing. He boasts nearly 100 movie and 200 TV appearances, including work on The Mickey Mouse Club, My Little Margie, The Danny Thomas Show, The Donna Reed Show, My Three Sons, Petticoat Junction and Father Knows Best. Hence his nickname, "TV Tommy."