Question: Hey, ABC took down the Alfre Woodard photo that you linked to in last week's AA. What happened? — Sarah

Ausiello: What happened was ABC unwittingly leaked on its own website a really big spoiler about next season's Desperate Housewives — and Ask Ausiello caught the whole thing on tape. Here's the gist: Someone at the Alphabet net goofed (hey, it happens) and posted on a photo from a scene in the season finale that was cut from the telecast. No biggie, right? Wrong. The snapshot in question all but revealed next season's big mystery involving Woodard's Betty Applewhite character. A Housewives spokeswoman says Marc Cherry decided to save the scene until next fall "because it would have been too confusing to start yet another story line at the end of the episode." So what is going on in the photo, which shows Mrs. Applewhite (SPOILER ALERT — MORE SPACE) and her son taking a tray of food into what appears to be a locked dungeon? Clearly, Wisteria Lane's newest residents are hiding someone in their basement, but who? Cherry and his fellow producers aren't talking, but the show's rep teases, "Your readers will just have to stay tuned." Fortunately, AA managed to obtain a copy of the photo before it was removed from ABC's site. Unfortunately, potential litigation prevents me from sharing it with those of you who missed it the first time. But if you're ever in the tri-state area, drop by my cubicle and I'll pull it up on my monitor. And maybe, just maybe, I'll let you pet Kermit, too.