Question: My friends and I recently had an argument over which Daniel twin is on the new series That '80s Show. I think it's Cynthia, but my buddy thinks it is Brittany, who he recently saw in Joe Dirt. Who is correct? Also, was one of them recently in that commercial where the guy drives through the car wash with all the shaving stuff inside?

Televisionary: Score one for your bud. That's Sweet Valley High, Swan's Crossing and Dawson's Creek alum Brittany Daniel who's one of the stars of the new Fox series, from That '70s Show producers Carsey-Werner-Mandabach. She plays equal-opportunity ex-girlfriend Sophia on '80s, which is set to premiere tomorrow night. For the record, you may also have caught her as Eric's cute cousin on '70s or working with her sister and Leonardo DiCaprio in 1995's The Basketball Diaries.

On an edgier note, a Fox spokesperson tells me that it was twin sister Cynthia who appeared in the shaving gel ad you mentioned. So your final score is one wrong and one sort of right — I'll be charitable and call it a wash.