Question: Once again you foil my plans to learn whether or not Stephen Fry will appear on his friend Hugh Laurie's show, House! You are my mortal enemy! But I will prevail! Oh yes, I will prevail. And you, my friend, will find out what it is like to lose! — Matt Hood

Ausiello: Actually, you're the one who's gonna find out what it's like to lose, 'cause I finally got around to e-mailing your question directly to House creator David Shore (via two assistants and a publicist) and this was his reply: "Excellent idea, honestly hadn't thought of it. I'm a huge fan of Stephen's. The only problems I foresee would be finding the right part, making it work with Stephen's schedule and hoping that Stephen's accent doesn't mess with Hugh's. Hugh does such a great job with the American accent, but having actual English people in the room with him, talking, scares the hell out of him." Take that, Matt Hood. Mwhahahahahaha!