Question: Did I miss something on NYPD Blue? Whatever happened to Charlotte Ross? — Michael B.

Ausiello: Depends who you ask. Ross' manager (and hubby) says she asked to be let out of her contract because she was burnt out on drama. An NYPD Blue rep, however, claims Ross' real-life pregnancy backed Connie and Andy into a corner story line-wise (married cops apparently can't work in the same precinct together), forcing producers to let her go. The real story? Ross was miserable on Blue and quit. It's too bad, too. Connie's inexplicable absence from Andy's life during Blue's farewell season has cast a pall over the entire show. Steven Bochco would be wise to do whatever he can to get Ms. Charlotte back for the final episode in May. There can be no happy ending for Andy without Connie. Period.