Question: Did Heather Locklear ever appear on TV's CHiPs?

Televisionary: Nope, but I can certainly understand why you might think so.

Affectionately known by fans as "chippies" (I assume they don't mean the slang term for a female prostitute), a few different lady officers rotated through the California Highway Patrol during CHiPs' 1977-83 run on NBC. Brianne Leary played Officer Sindy Cahill from 1978-79, Randi Oakes patrolled as Officer Bonnie Clark from 1979-82 and Tina Gayle enforced the law as Officer Kathy Linahan from 1982 until the series left the air.

I bet you're thinking of Spin City star Locklear's work on the William Shatner vehicle T.J. Hooker, which ran on ABC from 1982-85 before a jump to CBS' late-night schedule and a 1987 demise.