Question: Question: Did Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon do their own singing in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? If they did, it doesn't sound like them on the soundtrack. Monson

Ausiello: Future TV-movie king Barry Bostwick and ingenue Susan Sarandon both did their own vocals for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The 28-year-old Bostwick had song and dance training and plenty of stage musical experience; two years before doing Rocky Horror he was nominated for a Tony Award for playing Danny Zuko in Grease. Sarandon, by contrast, was a nonsinger and petrified, especially because most of the other cast members had already done the show on stage. In a 1999 interview with England's The Guardian, she recalled, "I always had a real terror of singing... My dad was a singer and I'd always been told that I couldn't sing and I couldn't even hum out loud without getting hives... I thought that if I got in this musical, I would have to get over this fear of singing." Both are on the movie soundtrack.