Question: Who is the good-looking African-American man on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation? He also used to be on Showtime's Soul Food.

Televisionary: That's Philadelphia native Gary Dourdan, whom you may also recognize from another Showtime series, Beggars and Choosers, or such big-screen fare as Alien Resurrection and Playing God.

Sadly, the actor has a real-life mystery to solve — that of an older brother who was pushed from a motel balcony in Haiti — and he says in interviews that he hopes to one day dig up some answers on that crime himself. In the meantime, however, he produces jazz music in his Venice, Calif., home recording studio and helps raise his young daughter, whom he fathered with a former girlfriend. And you're not alone in your appreciation for the man, mind you: He's got a sizable female fan following and was married for four years to model