Question: Could you find the name of the pop string group that plays for the Raymond Weil parsifal commercial? I saw it on USA today and would like to pass their name on to my string students. Thanks.

Televisionary: That's the UK's pop-classical girl group Bond, who are linked to the watchmaker under a marketing alliance reported to be in the range of $7 million. The song is called "Victory" and it's from the band's album Born.

Often called the

Spice Girls of classical music because the band consists of four attractive women wearing stylish, figure-revealing clothes, Bond actually dabbles in all sorts of audio flavors, including house, dance and salsa. The band consists of Aussies Haylie Ecker (violin) and Tania Davis (viola) and Brits Eos Chater (violin) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello), all of whom have their fingers insured for a reported $1 million each. It's also worth noting that in contrast to the typical, manufactured pop bands who can hardly read a note, these ladies have all played their chosen instruments since they were kids. If you or your students would like to know more, drop by the band's official website.