Question: Do you still have copies of your Short Cuts column that you used to write for the Daily Trojan? I loved that column! I had hoped that DT would have archived them online somewhere, since you're a famous alum and a credit to the school and all, but I couldn't find any. I was very disappointed. Next time they call me asking for donations, I am going to surely tell them exactly how disappointed I am. — Famin

Ausiello: Ahh... Short Cuts. That takes me back. For all you non-Trojans out there, Short Cuts was the first (and last) gossip column ever to grace the pages of the University of Southern California's student-run newspaper. It featured scuttlebutt on campus scandals (sex in the library stacks!), famous 'SC students (Joey Lawrence, Sophia Loren's son et al.), pop culture (The X-Files) and, well, me! Essentially, it was a precursor to Ask Ausiello. And to answer your question, Famin, yes, I do have copies of Short Cuts, but they're currently collecting dust in my grandmother's attic. One of these days I'll make them available on — for a medium-size fee, natch.