Showtime's groundbreaking series Queer as Folk is reuniting after 10 years at this summer's ATX Television Festival.

"We are delighted that ATX Television Festival has chosen to honor Queer as Folk and that we have the opportunity to be reunited with our remarkable cast," creators Daniel Lipman and Ron Cowen said in a statement. "Writing and producing a groundbreaking, and often controversial, show like QAF was challenging, but also a rewarding and transformative experience for all of us. We look forward to sharing to our stories and memories."

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Premiering in 2000, the drama starred Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Hal Sparks, Peter Paige and Scott Lowell as a group of gay friends living in Pittsburgh, Pa. Among those attending the festival are Cowan and Lipman, along with cast members Harold, Paige, Lowell, Robert Gant, Michelle Clunie and Thea Gill.

Queer as Folk joins the recently announced reunions of Gilmore Girls and the Dawson's Creek writers' room.

Taking place in Austin, the four-day festival features screenings, premieres, and cast and crew Q&As, along with a variety of panels on industry topics. For the full list of attendees and programming at the festival, which will take place June 4-7, click here.

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