For those who miss the early, funny Steve Martin, you'll get to see that "wild and crazy guy" onscreen again when Bringing Down the House hits theaters March 7. At least, that's what co-star Queen Latifah thinks. "This is Steve Martin at his best to me," she tells TV Guide Online. "It's funny and edgy. It's like The Jerk!"

In the film, Martin plays a straight-laced attorney whose workaholic ways have driven away his wife (Jean Smart) and two children. Newly single, he meets a woman over the Internet and invites her to his house for a romantic dinner. When he opens the door, however, he discovers his dream date is actually an escaped convict — played by Latifah, of course! — who wants his legal services. In return, she gives him lessons in coolness, and also helps him win back his family.

Hey, it's not exactly a groundbreaking movie, but according to Latifah, making House was a blast for the cast: "A lot of people who work with Steve say he hasn't had this much fun on a film in awhile." The actress and hip-hop star also had a great time working with American Pie star Eugene Levy, whose character develops a huge crush on hers. "The things that come out of his mouth will have you in stitches," she laughs.

Despite her big-screen success, Latifah — a 2002 Golden Globe nominee for Chicago — hasn't forgotten her music career. Later this year, she plans to release her first original album since 1998's Order in the Court. If she's worried that fans of her music may have moved on, she doesn't show it. "That's why the album is called First Love," she says, smiling. "I'm about to get them back."