Actress Brittany Murphy is ready for her close-up! Unfortunately, she never gets any as the voice of Hank Hill's trailer-trash niece, Luanne Platter, on Fox's animated comedy King of the Hill. "I also used to play Joseph, the little [Native American] boy next door — until his voice changed this season," she grins.

Far from frustrated by her as-never-seen-on-TV gig, Murphy is glad the voiceover work frees her up to pursue film roles. Perhaps you'll recall her as Tai, Alicia Silverstone's fashion-deprived pet project in Clueless or as the suicidal Daisy in Girl, Interrupted. "I had spent time in mental institutions for Girl," she says. Indeed, having played her share of movie loons has necessitated some field research. "I got my picture taken behind bars at Bellevue," she quips. "That was kind of cool. I met some very interesting people."

Murphy's big-screen hijinks go on this fall, when she'll stroll the Sidewalks of New York with Ed Burns in September, then pal around with Drew Barrymore in October's Riding in Cars with Boys. Fortunately, the young starlet can be on location anywhere in the world and still play Luanne — just so long as there's a recording studio nearby. "It's incredible," she muses. "I've done table readings from Paris, and I probably know every recording studio in the States. Ideally, the cast likes to record the dialogue together, but we can do it separately if need be."

Asked how a native Jersey girl managed to master Luanne's twangy Texas accent, Murphy squeaks back: "I'm an actress!" Then, oddly enough, she adds that, "Actually, when I auditioned for the role, I used a mix of Juliette Lewis and Jessica Lange for my inspiration."