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Quantico: Relax, Alex Will Get a Happy Ending in the Series Finale

But someone's life is definitely in danger

Tim Surette

Quanticocalls it quits on Friday night after a turbulent three-season run on ABC. Once considered the network's next big hit after its early Season 1 episodes, Quantico -- how do I put this lightly -- flopped to low ratings in Season 2 before it was given a surprising Season 3 renewal without creator Josh Safran, who departed after Season 2.

Season 2 had an ending that could have doubled as a series finale. In fact, Safran tweeted out that it was what he considered to be the final chapter for Alex (Priyanka Chopra).

But Quantico Season 3 executive producer Adam Armus says that the series finale will give us a whole new ending, and a good one for Alex.

"I consider it a happy ending [for Alex]!" Armus told TV Guide at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where he was promoting his upcoming Fox series Proven Innocent. "I consider Alex a brave character, and also a woman who strove to get the things she wanted in life. And I think it's only going to be looking up for her in the future, I think she's going to find love in the best kinds of ways."

That comes after big changes for the show in Season 3, both personally and professionally for Alex. But whereas Season 2 ended with openness for its characters, there's much more finality to Season 3, even if news of the show's cancellation came after Season 3 had wrapped.

"I think the end of Season 2 sort of suggested a journey off to somewhere for Alex and Ryan," Armus says. "I think this ending serves as 'We're not going anywhere. We're home. We're going to be part of a family. We've solved an insurmountable problem together, we worked as a team.' All throughout Season 3 we were talking about how this group of people works as a cohesive team, and they really did. There wasn't any backstabbing. There wasn't any deceit among people. They were working together as a team, as a family. Ultimately, things happened and they grew apart, but at the end they come together in a great way."

But that doesn't mean everything is going to go great.

"There's a question about someone dying, for sure. I think it would be tragic to say someone dies and there's no resolution to that, so let's just say there will be a good coming together of the family at the end."

Let's hope it isn't for a funeral!

The series finale of Quantico airs Friday, Aug. 3 at 8/7c.