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Quantico: Someone's Looking a Little Guilty

Plus: Team Alex finds a big break

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Sunday's episode of Quantico. Read at your own risk.]

Was this Quantico's ode to Blindspot? So much talk of duffel bags and, um, blind spots. All we needed were some tattoos! But we got something bigger -- and more incriminating -- by the end of Sunday's episode: Alex (Priyanka Chopra) willingly takes the fall in court and someone else has lots of 'splaining to do.

After Alex turned herself in, Elias (Rick Costnett) shows up at the HQ as her lawyer. But before anyone can talk to her, the High-Value Interrogation Group arrives and is like, "We got first dibs. POTUS said so." HIG interrogator extraordinaire Griffin Wells (Oded Fehr) tortures Alex by repeatedly shoving his fist into the stomach wound (ew) of Ryan (Jake McLaughlin), whom they intercepted when his helicopter landed at Teterboro Airport.

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While this is going down, Caleb (Graham Rogers) learns that Goodwin, the agent who told Clayton's (Mark Pellegrino) assistant that someone had used Alex's ID the night before the bombing, died before the bomb went off and that her phone wasn't found on her person. Team Alex then tries to piece together her morning of the bombing (seriously, why has no one done this yet?!). In one piece of sidewalk security footage, Alex disappears in the blind spot between two cameras, which means someone grabbed her, and a cab pulls up that then heads to Grand Central. They all dispatch one of the twins to sneak out to the blind spot, where she finds a van with a rag full of chloroform.

By this point, Shelby (Johanna Braddy) has recruited Nathalie (Anabelle Acosta) to join Team Alex and graciously spare us of more of her melodramatic chair-slamming. After alerting Liam (Josh Hopkins), they info-dump him with intel that the cabbie remembers driving a man with a large duffel bag, presumably with Alex in it, to the Hyatt next to Grand Central, where he booked a room under the name John Stein and left behind the duffel. Finally believing Alex might be framed, Liam crashes the torture party and makes her an offer that she does not refuse. Their only hope to catch the real culprit, he says, is to let them think they're still in control. So, Alex, clad in an orange jumpsuit, pleads guilty to all the charges.

Meanwhile, in the past, guest speaker Dr. Susan Langdon (Anne Heche) gives the NATs the assignment of the week: find one victim that doesn't fit a bunch of serial killer cases. Simon (Tate Ellington) is convinced his case pick is the correct answer, but Langdon deflects him until later that night at a bar. She admits to falsifying evidence in that case to bag the guy and then creepily tries to leave with Simon, syringe in hand, before Ryan stops them. Simon reports Langdon to the cops and everyone else weirdly calls him out for doing it. Disillusioned, he meets up with his bearded bomb-maker pal, who hands him blueprints of every train station in New York City.

Is Simon the bomber? He's still more likely a red herring, but maybe this is part of why he left Quantico in disgrace. If he isn't behind it, someone else could've gotten hold of those blueprints. And if he is the bomber, we can just blame Anne Heche.

But back to Liam's idea. Why have Alex plead guilty? Wouldn't pleading not guilty be more believable that you're not onto the real bomber since she's been so publicly adamant that she didn't do it? If Alex had been in custody from the beginning as the bomber had wanted, she would've still denied wrongdoing. But, hey, Ryan's master plan to exonerate her by making her look guilty is still on track!

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Other burning questions:

Why did the bomber leave such an obvious trail? Did they not care about being caught or is it part of a larger plan? Actually, scratch that. They probably didn't think anyone would put two and two together since this FBI is so incompetent. Really though, how had literally zero people tracked Alex's whereabouts the morning of the attack yet?

Is Shelby's half-sister real? Clayton tells Caleb that sis might not even exist. So was Shelby Skypeing with a terrorist about her new house?!

Who stabbed Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis)? The prints on the knife don't belong to Charlie, who's still MIA.

Is there a second bomb? Does anyone care? Everyone's acting super casual about this.

How (unintentionally) hilarious was Liam's man pain? Dude falls into a drunken tailspin for a week after Miranda's stabbing and Alex goes so far as to help him shower because her dad was "exactly like this." #daddyissues

Will Ryan actually leave the academy? Probably not. He only decides to go back to agent-ing seconds after Alex refers to them at just friends. This, after he couldn't stand her paying Liam more mind than him. *Cue Nick Jonas*

Quantico airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.