You'll get plenty of answers when Quantico returns on Sunday (10/9c, ABC), but trust us when we say you'll have plenty more questions by the time the episode is over.

The midseason premiere picks up three months later in the future timeline (super future?) following the bombing at the FBI command center, which claimed 32 lives. "We wanted to jump ahead and give us this space to tell more stories because when you see them in the future, clearly a lot has happened, and you're wondering what went down there between these two people or these two people," creator and executive producer Josh Safran tells "And we will fill in those blanks as we go along."

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The Quantico-set past timeline won't jump ahead, but there will be a lot of new things — or rather, faces — at the academy.

Here are six things to expect on the midseason premiere.

1. Who died? The $64,000 question. Of the 32 people killed in the bombing, one of them is someone we already know and with whom are very familiar. The person's identity will be revealed in the opening minutes of the episode, so make sure you have your DVR set, and the death has some unintended consequences.

2. And nothing but the truth: The three-month time jump sets the stage for the congressional hearing about the bombing. Everyone believes Elias (Rick Cosnett) acted alone — except Alex (Priyanka Chopra), who is adamant that he was working for the real terrorist. But she has absolutely no evidence to prove it and is pressured by her former colleagues (and in some cases, former friends) to recant and move on. But will she?

3. New NATs: Well, technically they're old NATs. At Quantico, Liam (Josh Hopkins) and Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) bring in the class of trainees who had arrived at the academy a couple weeks earlier to wear Henleys face off with Alex & Co. in a Battle of the Classes Color War. The new faces, who are sticking around for the rest of the season, are Drew Perale (Lenny Platt), an ex-football player; Will Olsen (Jay Armstrong Johnson), an uber-smart rocket scientist; and Iris Chang (Li Jun Li), a former startup entrepreneur. "We tried to bring in the new class actually a couple of times in the first half of the season," Safran says. "It was just always on the docket because at actual Quantico, there are, I think it's like 12 classes at all times. They're [coming in] every two weeks, so you're there with a thousand people basically. ... And I wanted to bring them in. We just couldn't [fit them in the first half] and then Ryan left, Simon left."

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4. Where did Liam take Alex? Unfortunately, we don't get a definitive answer yet, but you'll get a clue that something definitely went down on New Year's Eve. "When we first got back, I didn't have an answer," Hopkins says. "[The script] just said like, 'Look at her.' Why? I'm walking on [the set] the day ... not knowing what I'm doing. Now I know."

5. Sister, fake sister: Remember Shelby's (Johanna Braddy) half-sister who's not really her half-sister but is a just a con woman? That thread will pick up when Shelby and Caleb (Graham Rogers) attempt to pull a fast one on fake sis, but they're derailed when yet another new figure comes into the picture. As previously reported, this detail was originally going to be included in the winter finale, but Safran decided to hold it. "I think that was a good call. There's a flow in the next couple episodes now," Safran says. "This is the next step in this story and we think it's an intriguing one, with lots of surprises."

6. The ending: Do not miss the last few minutes of the episode, which will, as Safran puts it, "get the motor running" for the back half of the season. "We knew where our endpoint was, but we didn't [know how to get there]," he says. "The motor that is here was a revelation by our youngest staff writer Logan Slakter, and it was a great idea. ... We were looking for the one element because we knew the plots we wanted to tell and then that idea was like, 'Oh, OK, of course!' It's been working great."

Quantico airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.