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Quantico: Who Is Mark Raymond? Here's Everything We Know So Far

Let's dissect the intel

Joyce Eng

Now that Caleb (Graham Rogers) has hit the sheets with Shelby (Johanna Braddy) on Quantico, let's tackle the more pressing elephant in the room: Who the hell is Mark Raymond? As we saw in the second episode, our requisite academy douchebag has a secret Facebook profile under that name. But why? Is it a totally made-up persona? Is/was that a real person? Is that Caleb's real name? We put on our analyst hat and looked at all the intel we have on Caleb/Mark so far that you definitely would've missed if you blinked.

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Like any millennial, Caleb spends a lotta time on his phone, watching stupid videos, reading messages...


... and searching #whitehuskies, as you do.


And look at that, they ended up on Mark Raymond's Facebook page. (He's gotta work on his hashtag game though.)



You know what else is on there? This:


That's the same copy of Catcher in the Rye that Caleb had tipped off to Shelby earlier as possible evidence in a reconstructed terrorist hideout.



Mark Raymond reared his head again when, as an analyst, Caleb crashed the trainees' undercover assignment at a fancy cocktail party thrown by big-time corporation Dystek last week.


After leaving Shelby behind to do a walk of shame, Caleb snuck off to check Mark's email...


... and replied to one from Dystek.


So, what does it all mean? Right now, we're going with Mark Raymond being Caleb's real name, and he is at Quantico as Caleb for some (undercover?) reason. We know Caleb is an FBI legacy guy and he disgraced his family by getting kicked out of Quantico, so sis had to pull strings to get him back in as a lowly analyst. He defiantly shoots on the gun range and is all prickly bluster, but what if he doesn't wanna be in the FBI at all? The way he wistfully peruses his Facebook page, he could be longing for a simple life as Mark Raymond, husky lover and Holden Caulfield fan, who wants a regular 9-to-5 job. Look at those emails in his inbox. Two of them, Dystek and Alta Inc. (and maybe even a third -- VanceCorp?), are ostensibly in reference to a job application, and he has an interview scheduled with the former. (Of course, he could be plotting something nefarious too.) He was also at the Dystek party as Mark Raymond, so no one would think twice to look up that name because they're all supposed to be there as fake personas.

And there's this: The Canadian promo for Sunday's episode is a tad more scoopy than the U.S. one, revealing that Caleb is Clayton's (Mark Pellegrino) son. Was he doing shady undercover stuff at Quantico for pops? That could explain his interest in Catcher in the Rye in the pseudo terrorist cells if he had planted his copy there for the exercise.

But none of this explains the terrible hashtagging.

Who do you think Mark Raymond is?

Quantico airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.