Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies

Wondering when and if we're going to see the final episodes of ABC's now-canceled Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money?

Stephen McPherson, the president of the network's entertainment division, expressed genuine-sounding remorse about killing the three shows on Friday. "I really love those shows," he said. "I commend the producers. They delivered what they promised, but we just weren't able to get the numbers that we needed." His mea culpa went on to say, "I wish we had been able to give the producers series-ending notice. Because of the timing, unfortunately, we weren't able to."

When pressed by TVGuide.com to give more specific details about when the series' final episodes might air, McPherson was cagey, citing the complications of local affiliates, the flood of new midseason programming on ABC and the general lack of available "real estate" in their schedule. "It's not as simple as saying, 'Let's find a spot for that,'" he said. Uh-oh. He went on to say that they're weighing their options, but it didn't sound good.

What do you think? Does ABC owe us closure? Or have you already picked up the shattered pieces of your lives and moved on?

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