Question: I'm dying without a Pushing Daisies fix!

Answer: Then my scoopy dispatch from Saturday's Paley Fest panel on Daisies may just save your life! One thing I neglected to mention was that series creator Bryan Fuller told the crowd that ABC already approved his outlines for next season's first five episodes. So the network is apparently pleased with the "harder, more aggressive direction" Fuller plans on taking Daisies in next fall. Speaking of Paley, mucho thanks to all those who sent in questions for tonight's Friday Night Lights panel, moderated by (squeal) me! I'll try to get them answered in between tossing my cookies. Also, if you've got Qs for the casts of Buffy, Dancing with the Stars and Gossip Girl, get them to me via before their respective panels on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Click here to find out who'll be in attendance, and please write "Paley Qs" in the subject line of your e-mails.