Question: Were you as psyched as I was to see Teddy Dunn on Grey's Anatomy Sunday night?

Answer: Not sure if psyched is the right word, but I was definitely surprised. I'll tell you who was doing cartwheels: the Grey's writing staff. "We were also excited to get Teddy Dunn to play Heath, our overly enthusiastic hockey player," blogged Gabrielle Stanton on "When he left after his audition, I turned to Peter Horton and said, 'Oh, my god. He plays Duncan Kane, Veronica's boyfriend on Veronica Mars. I love him!' Peter looked at me like I was nuts, but Harry and I watch that show religiously and think Teddy is an amazing actor. I love his expression when he tells George he cut off his own finger. I tried very hard not to stalk him around the set for VM nuggets."