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Why the Property Brothers Bailed on the "Sexiest Episode Ever"

This episode would have been insane!

Lindsay MacDonald

Over the course of their storied series, Property Brothers' Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott have filmed over 320 hours of programming across all of their shows, and out of all of them, there's only ever been one episode they had to totally scrap halfway through.

The episode in question featured a firefighter, who had made it pretty far through the filming process before he and the Scott brothers had irreconcilable differences. After finding this guy's dream home to renovate, the Scotts realized that the house in question had originally been built on a landfill, which made it a problematic find.

"They didn't properly prep the soil before building, so all the houses in the neighborhood were sinking, literally sinking. Inside the house, the house was falling apart," Drew Scott told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "He wanted Jonathan to cheap out and said... level the floor. 'Just level the floor out and don't worry about the structure.'"

Unfortunately, the living room of the house was on such a slant that it was a regular height on one end and four and a half feet high on the other -- making it illegal. The buyer's unwillingness to budge meant that the project had to come to a screeching halt in the middle of filming. The show already filmed the bios and house hunt portion of the episode, meaning there's a whole half episode of Property Brothers lying on the cutting room floor somewhere.

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"We ended up walking away," Drew Scott said, "and that's the only homeowner, thank goodness, knock on glass, we ever had to walk away from." (It's worth noting a glass table was all Scott had available to him, so no, he didn't screw up that turn of phrase!)

The saddest part of this lost episode story is that the buyer's firefighter buddies had all agreed to come help with the renovation, meaning we missed out on whole episode of hot firefighters demo-ing this sinkhole house in what Jonathan predicted would have been "the sexiest episode ever." The world is officially a cruel place.

Drew and Jonathan Scott

Drew and Jonathan Scott

Darren Goldstein