Project Runway Project Runway

After weeks of challenges and months to create a collection, the final four Project Runway designers converged at New York's fashion week to prove which of them could make it work the best.

Here's a look at how the runway battle went down:

Kimberly Goldson
It showed her typical use of bold jewel tones, shiny and sparkly weightier fabrics, the "not a bow" detailing and humongous handmade hoop earrings. The cuts were very geometric with some interesting asymmetrical cuts and one shoulder and back details. The lady knows how to tailor, that's for certain, and all of the collection seemed fairly accessible and wearable.
The judges said:
They praised her exuberant, glamorous, urban vibe and acknowledged that she had listened to the judges about styling.

Joshua McKinley
: His color palette and designs were youthful and aggressive, with varying success. He presented a rehash of that awesomely simple draped dress with chain detail, but his choice of bright purple cheapened the design. He did listen to the judges and kept his styling sleek and minimalist, which is a mercy since his combination of loud prints and too many details could have overwhelmed. There's no doubt that he forced himself to edit, and his draping was beautiful, but his questionable taste level cropped up with his use of plastic and the neon green shorts with the head-scratching peekaboo slits and strings. He had a lot going on, and that's pure Josh.
The judges said:
They praised him for his editing but also thought that he made the soft and hard contrasts work. They even liked the neoprene and green shorts (although Nina didn't at first).

Viktor Luna
We know Vicktor can sew and he's been a  champ with design throughout the competition. He stuck to mainly translucent blacks, bold layers and pops of indigo and violet. The reflective mirror sequins were a cool touch and everything was very edgy and well conceived. It was more designed than we've seen from him before — almost fetish bondage chic — so it looks like he listened to the judges to turn up the volume.
The judges said:
They dug his prints and the tailoring, but weren't too crazy about the transparent stuff, which could read as immature or cheap.

Anya Ayoung-Chee
Anya did what she does best: stylish and sexy but breezy clothes inspired by the Caribbean and that she would wear herself. Considering she had to revamp the majority of her collection, it's very cohesive and put together — long and flowy gowns, easy silhouettes, graphic prints and natural palette.
The judges said:
The gorgeous, easy and sexy vibe got a thumbs up, but they felt it was a bit one-note, less designed and not very versatile or suitable for the typical urban woman.

In the end, Anya Ayoung-Chee beat out Kimberly Goldson, Viktor Luna or Joshua McKinley to take home the big prize in Thursday's season finale.

Anya had only learned to sew four months before the competition and had difficulties with construction and time management throughout the competition. Upon learning she won, Anya thanked host and judge Heidi Klum for her support since "almost 100 percent" of her success was owed to Klum's confidence in her.

Do you agree with the judges' decision?