Project Runway
Poor Daniel Franco: Nice guys really do finish last, or at least close to it. And he seems like the epitome of a nice guy. I'd actually like to hang out with him; he just seems cool. I mean hes a totally detail-oriented guy who focuses on the small stuff instead of the big picture, but if he were working on his own collection or a couture line, I think hed be just fine. I bet his handmade garments are just a beautiful quality. And while he was ousted, he went out with grace and charm like so few reality contestants, probably because hed already been down this line before. He played well with his team and totally took the blame for the failure on the task. Personally, I like the individual tasks, but it was an interesting exercise in seeing how well people could get along and cooperate. What I learned was that egotistical

Santino is a control freak who is used to getting his way. Yeah, thats a real news flash. And Im glad that Heidi and Co. called him out on the way he, as captain, was the first to jump ship. Instead, Daniel stood gracefully and drowned while his team floated to the surface. Perhaps he overheard Kara threatening to snip off his pee-pee with her scissors if she got booted because of him, but whatever his reason, he did the right thing. Im also glad that my fave little girl Diana got to stick around. I thought for sure she was in trouble when her model didnt want to wear her strappy lingerie. I dont know why I like her, but there is something about that shy demeanor, soft-spoken tone and interesting outlook on design that is endearing to me. I doubt shell be the winner  I'm not that naïve. Winning-is-everything Santino has a better chance, but Im also secretly rooting for Nick. Especially after last weeks Barbie design. Until next week, auf wiedersehen and while I love that phrase, youd never catch me in a pair of panties that said that. Trust me, that's really best for everyone.