Project Runway
I know it's not unusual, but it's so unfortunate that the finalists had to pull an all-nighter right before the biggest event of their career so far. Even after sewing all night, Daniel had what looked like either the show's assistants or the models themselves sewing on buttons backstage. But onstage you couldn't tell any of this, especially when he did a happy little jig for his family. I am still drooling over the white coat and the shirt with the dipping back. And I hope his and

Chloe's dresses with pockets (along with Amy Adams' and Sandra Bullock's Oscar dresses) are the start of a trend. On the other hand, the first jacket looked like a couch, and when Rebecca tripped away in that brown dress, I could see Michael Kors whisper something bad about it to Nina Garcia. It must have been the lack of sleep that made Chloe show up in jeans and a dull shirt to the event I don't know, it seems like the kind of event you'd want to dress up for. And that first pink Dynasty/Barbie dress scared me. But then the pretty green-print and gold dresses reminded me of why I've loved her stuff the whole time the ruffles and seams are actually flattering to the women and don't look superfluous. Last but never least, MC Santino came out to music he'd composed himself and announced that he's "not just good TV." OK, aside from that black leather number with the balloon sleeves, this was rather subdued for him. I'm in love with the pleated rainbow dress he showed Tim last week, but I do have a hard time seeing how they fit together. I hadn't noticed they didn't fit the models themselves until Heidi pointed out that "the boobs were never where they were supposed to be." Besides providing NBC Universal network synergy, I'm not sure why Debra Messing was a guest judge. I've always liked the way Top Model doesn't have a guest judge for the final round, so it's just the people who know the contestants' whole body of work. How surprising, though, that Nina was the one who seemed the most conflicted about who should win. She gave Santino quite a pep talk, too. Though Chloe's whole business pitch was a little off-putting, she did have the strongest overall vision. I hope it softened the blow for Daniel when Michael Kors offered him a job on the spot. And it's pretty clear that all three of them will be on the runway again soon. Sabrina Rojas Weiss