Debra Messing, Christian Siriano Debra Messing, Christian Siriano

The countdown has begun for Project Runway's finale, but you may not the only one who is waiting to find out the fate of the final three designers.

While attending the launch of Saks Fifth Avenue's Key to the Cure, bumped into an eclectic bunch of celebs who, besides banding together to find a cure for women's cancers, had another common interest— the Runway.

"I thought [this season] was incredible, and it was inspiring to watch them work," said Starter Wife's Debra Messing. As far as who she's hoping takes home the win, the actress revealed she's on Team Leanne. "She's my favorite."

The same rang true for a certain 30 Rocker, as well. "I want Leanne to win," said Jane Krakowski. "I just did a marathon of DVRed Project Runway so I could catch up and not hear [the winner] before I saw it."

But it's not just the ladies that can't get enough of the designers (and those Michael Kors' zingers). "I reluctantly started watching, and now, I gotta say, I'm completely obsessed," revealed Debra Messing's Starter Wife co-star, Chris Diamantopoulos. "My wife (Ugly Betty's Becki Newton) likes Leanne, and I'm rooting for Kenley — she's got a lot of whimsy in her stuff. Underdog, baby!" Needless to say, there are a few other choice words the bloggers are using to describe Kenley, but to each his/her own.

Of course, our celeb survey wouldn't be complete without season four winner Christian Siriano's vote. "I like Leanne and Korto, and I think either of them should win. But if Leanne doesn't win, then I don’t want to ever give an interview about Project Runway ever again — that's my rule." And there you have it. Ferocia Couture has spoken.