Project RunwayI did not expect a regular ol' reunion show to elicit such tears of laughter. Brilliant montage editing. Brilliant idea to get Guadalupe wasted before taping. And yes, I am truly happy that they've kept Santino

on the show until the finale how else would we have so many excellent clips of him: talking back to the judges; talking smack about the other designers (OK, he was too mean to Diana); doing impressions of Tim Gunn (my stomach hurt by the end of his broken "Make it work" robot routine); and, of course, singing in "Project Runway: The Musical," costarring Andrae and Nick.

In the actual reunion footage, Santino was rather weak, defending his nasty comments as "not coming from an evil place." Maybe he should have taken a tip on evasiveness from Guadalupe. My FauxVo got tired of me rewinding to get the exact quote of her response to the simple question of whether she thought her elimination was unfair. It went something like, "Honestly, I can only give him a personal critique. Nobody would know what my personal response is unless they personally spoke to me. Personally, you can't push the boundaries and, like Johnny Cash, walk the line." I was dying as the camera kept panning to everyone else's hilarious reactions.

And then there was all the fun they poked at Andrae. Who knew his "Clothes off Your Back" breakdown lasted 10 minutes? And boy did he know the cameras were rolling every time he walked through the revolving door. Loved their description of his "French/English/gay" accent. Heidi almost caused a riot by blaming his dramatic ways on Los Angeles. So back to the design competition is that why we're watching? it's interesting to see how many of the designers expect Daniel Vosovic to win, but that Nick wants to see Santino's collection, despite their ongoing feud. Oh, the drama! Sabrina Rojas Weiss