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Jace Hall, executive producer of ABC's V, is also the producer of The Jace Hall Show, a web series that mashes Hollywood celebrities with the world of videogames. TVGuide.com caught up with Hall to get the skinny on how he balances it all and what's ahead for the alien-invasion drama when it returns March 30, 10/9c following Lost

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TVGuide.com: Some people have compared The Jace Hall Show to Curb Your Enthusiasm.
I do like the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, but that's very, very Hollywood. It's entirely fiction, whereas my show is not entirely fiction. It's actually sprinkled with real news and real things that are happening. A lot of people think some of the stuff you see in our show had to have been staged, but it happened.

TVGuide.com: So Felicia Day really took a lightsaber to you?
[Laughs] That's just the general acknowledgement that lightsabers are awesome.

TVGuide.com: What is one of the most crazy celeb interactions you've had this season?
Randy Jackson and I have a confrontation because my office was physically connected to the soundstage where they shoot America's Best Dance Crew and it's so loud. I'm trying to have a conference call and that show is shooting its season finale, so we go in and crash it with our cameras. I'm like, "We've got to find this guy and tell him he's got to turn it down." We track him down in a studio and hilarity ensues.

TVGuide.com: You've incorporated music in the show as well.
Every time we release an episode of the show, we release a new music track, like how Saturday Night Live does the digital shorts. It's game-culture songs, but not like "Pac-Man Fever." That's just one more way we're trying to use the net to create new creative expressions. I actually play and wrote all the music personally.

TVGuide.com: What would you say is the focus of V in the second half of the season?
Because we're dealing with a franchise that existed before in the '80s, there are certain things that people expect and hope that this franchise will either nod to or communicate in some way. What comes with that expectation is that we need to do some of that. We're able to actually go further with the story, beyond what people have seen or what they can predict. When this reimaging took place, we actually had a plan and a sense of direction of where this whole thing is supposed to go, so it doesn't have to be thought up at the last minute. People will start to really get the benefit of all the forethought that went in.

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TVGuide.com: The fourth episode left us with several huge cliff-hangers, including the impending arrival of an armada of Visitors. What answers will we get when the show returns?
The audience should always ask themselves when they're watching this. "How would we plausibly react to these things that are coming and happening?" We're trying to keep this show grounded and character-centric as much as possible, really think about if this was happening, what would logically start to occur and how would people naturally react. That's been the challenge and fun for the writing team. Yes, you're going to get answers, but those answers are going to create even more questions.

TVGuide.com: Jane Badler, who played Visitor Diana in the original miniseries, is guest-starring on The Jace Hall Show this year. Does this open the possibility for her to appear on ABC's V?
I personally would enjoy seeing her in some fashion in the show. Jane is a great friend and she is wonderful. That would be a trip. That will ultimately be up to the writers' room. I'm just one person in a team of 100 people. Yes, I know Jane. Yes, Jane has come to my office. That's as far as I can tell you.

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