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Prodigal Son's Lou Diamond Phillips Previews Malcolm's 'Fallout' From Junkyard Killer Case

There's about to be some tension between Malcolm and Gil

Amanda Bell

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Prodigal Son, "Alone Time." Read at your own risk!]

Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) is going to become the subjectof some profiling action in Monday's new episode of Prodigal Son. As hinted by the episode's title, "Internal Affairs," the NYPD will begin investigating its relationship with the troubled genius -- and according to Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays Lieutenant Gil Arroyo, Malcolm's future with the homicide department is uncertain.

TV Guide spoke to Phillips about what's ahead on Prodigal Son now that the Junkyard Killer (Michael Raymond-James) has been contained -- literally speaking. "We pick up a couple of weeks after the events with the Junkyard Killer, John Watkins, and Malcolm is on the mend physically, but exactly what is the fallout from all of these incredibly difficult psychological blows that he took?" Phillips teased. "And we're in the middle of an Internal Affairs investigation ... Malcolm's future with the NYPD and on my team is certainly in question."

We've already been warned that even if he stopped, the Junkyard Killer would continue to bring harm to the Whitly family, and he has; he delivered the lasting blow when he revealed that Martin (Michael Sheen) tried to kill Malcolm as a child. Before that revelation, Martin was still a murderous monster, but his one redemptive trait seemed to be his love for his his son. All those years Malcolm spent visiting his dad's jail cell for serial killer schooling happened under very false pretenses, and there's no doubt Malcolm is going to feel that for a while. Unfortunately, that's not the only father-son friction that's going to come from all of this; Malcolm and Gil, his mentor, will also have to come to terms with some terrible truths about their very unconventional relationship.

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Phillips teased that while the IA investigation at NYPD will "show the team caring for Malcolm" and acknowledging that his very obvious psychological issues can no longer be "brushed under the rug," it will also cause Gil to deal with the part he's been playing in Malcolm's mental decline. "It actually brings out some issues between Gil and Malcolm, and quite honestly, there's some tension, because there's been this double-edged sword of using Malcolm's talents as a profiler but also triggering him as someone who obviously suffers from PTSD," Phillips explained. "So, Gil has always tried to walk that fine line between putting Malcolm in harm's way and putting him in the thick of things when it comes to solving cases, but also knowing that any given piece of evidence or scenarios when dealing with murderers is going to push him over the edge."

Fans will also see some of the fallout from the many "hand grenades" Martin threw at Gil during their blistering confrontation in the winter premiere, in which the serial killer accused Gil of trying to take over his life. "[Gil] has been there for Malcolm and looking after him for 20 years. It's a real step-dad kind of psychology, knowing that he's not his biological father but certainly feeling connected to him and responsible for him and loving him," Phillips said. "That whole confrontation [with Martin] I'm sure pushed a lot of buttons for Gil, and interestingly enough, I think we're going to see the ripples of that in this upcoming episode."

On top of everything else, audiences can also expect to see Prodigal Son return to the central case of the season: the girl in the box. "That mystery, I can tell you, is twisted," Phillips teased.

Prodigal Son airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

Lou Diamond Phillips and Tom Payne, Prodigal Son