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This Prodigal Son Preview Shows Malcolm and Ainsley in a Very Awkward Encounter

There's nothing worse than the walk of shame, except when it involves your mother

Amanda Bell

Jessica Whitly's (Bellamy Young) taste in men has not improved one bit on Prodigal Son. In this exclusive sneak peek at Monday's new penultimate episode of the season, titled "The Professionals," we once again see the mysterious Nicholas Endicott (guest star Dermot Mulroney) saunter into the picture, but this time, the circumstances are very different. Awkward, even.

In the clip, Nicholas accidentally walks in on family breakfast with Malcolm (Tom Payne) and Ainsley (Halston Sage) while still dressed in his tuxedo from the night before. Instead of being embarrassed, though, Nicholas quips, "Sorry to be intruding. It's your mother's fault for making such a damn good martini. Don't tell your mother I crashed your party. I promised I'd be discreet."

As savvy a profiler as Malcolm is, he's surprisingly unbothered by Nicholas -- or his newfound romance with his mother for that matter -- and responds to the situation with a simple, "Way to go, Mom?" after Nicholas leaves.

Ainsley has a keener read on Nicholas, though, and notes that her research on his pharmaceutical company has given her pause about her mom's new beau. From everything we know about the new character so far, her suspicions may be justified.

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To be fair, Malcolm might be dealing with a case of split focus in this moment. As the preview continues, we learn that he has just been dumped by Eve (Molly Griggs), by voicemail no less. As nosy sisters do, Ainsley demands to hear this message for herself, and Malcolm complies. It's then that we learn Eve has decided to take care of business on her own, which we suspect has something to do with what Martin (Michael Sheen) told her about her missing sister. Somehow, we just can't see Malcolm staying away from Eve and her sister -- the long-fabled "girl in the box" -- for too long.

"The Professionals," which is the second-to-last episode of Prodigal Son's first season, is expected to feature a catastrophic turn of events that convinces Malcolm and Ainsley that Nicholas Endicott is bad news. Their only hope of getting to the bottom of it may be to stage a full-on Whitly reunion. We'll find out soon enough when Prodigal Son returns on Monday night.

Prodigal Son returns Monday, April 20 at 9/8c on Fox.

Tom Payne and Halston Sage, Prodigal Son

Tom Payne and Halston Sage, Prodigal Son

Jojo Whilden/FOX