Michael Cassidy, <I>Privileged</i> Michael Cassidy, Privileged

Megan's bevy of beau toys will be number one fewer when Privileged's 15th episode sends the character of Charlie back to college.

The "uncasting" decision was made due to budgetary and creative reasons as well as to accommodate the wishes of original cast member Michael Cassidy who, despite the freshman CW series' many, many charms, was rather underused.

In other words, those hoping that longtime BFFs Megan and Charlie would finally wake up and smell the sexual tension will simply have to cool their heels. Echoing what is sure to be the sentiments of many a fan, Privileged creator Rina Mimoun tells TVGuide.com, "I'm sad too! But hopefully he (and we) will return next season."

In the meantime, rich boy Will should do fine by our sparkling and quick-with-the-quip heroine, yes? In addition, Mimoun teases that another new love interest for JoAnna Garcia's thoroughly loveable Megan is waiting in the wings.

As listed within TVGuide.com's Winter Preview special, Privileged returns with its freshman run's final six episodes (of 18) starting Tuesday, Jan. 6. Michael Cassidy's exit was first reported by EW's Ausiello.