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Warning: Spoilers ahead about the upcoming season of Private Practice.

Charlotte and Cooper got engaged in the Season 3 finale of Private Practice, but a different couple will be standing at the altar when the show returns.

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Surprise: Violet (Amy Brenneman

) and Pete (Tim Daly) will actually be the ones walking down the aisle. The show picks up several weeks after Dell's death and finds the newly reconciled lovers joining for a beautiful but last-minute wedding in a rose garden, which was filmed Tuesday at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, Calif."As far as I can tell, it's amazing sex. They have this rockin' sex and the next thing you know, Pete is saying, 'Hey, let's get married,'" Daly jokes.Is it a little too soon? Daly notes that people often do dramatic things after tragedies. "These characters have been through so much stuff that has been so dramatic, so once they finally broke through and set down all their weapons, they realize they actually love each other."

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"I've known this dude for 12 years and we've been through so much, so I would imagine it would go very fast," adds Brenneman. "That said, it is also true that Violet has never wanted to get married, just like she never wanted to be a mother."Violet's jitters create a Runaway Bride moment that's only encouraged by Cooper (Paul Adelstein), the Maid of Honor. "Cooper has put some doubts in her mind about this wedding because of his own insecurities about his wedding, and that's what gets worked out in the moments right after [she runs out]," Adelstein says. 

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"It's funny about this because when men freak out and back out of weddings, they're these horrible pig a--holes that are just being real jerks," says Daly. "When women do it, it's kind of charming and sweet. I don't get it!"