Amy Brenneman by Justin Stephens/ABC Amy Brenneman by Justin Stephens/ABC
Private Practice actors are already promising steamy scenes and drama galore in Season 2, but for some characters, more than just skin will be revealed. As romantic and professional complications unfold, Dr. Violet Turner, for one, will be moving on from heartbreak just as new details about her back story come to light. Violet's biggest challenge in Season 2 will be dipping her toes into the dating scene while negotiating her personal history. "She's just beginning to get out there and date, and she has a little sexual damage in her past,"

Amy Brenneman told about her alter-ego. "It's this little back story that I got. For all the jokes about hopping in and out of bed, she's got some real stuff. Which I love, because I think that's realistic. It's not easy all the time." But don't expect Violet's budding love life to happen from get-go: The start of the new season will see her smarting from the loss of Cooper Freedman. "All of my material last year was with Cooper, and I don't have much material at all with him this year," Brenneman said. "So I really feel the loss, the way Violet would. It's like 'Wow, I lost my dude.' She is quite alone at the beginning of the season." At least up until episode nine, "trusting and getting out there" will be Violet's primary hurdle, the actress explained. And as for the other doctors and the gentle midwife? The practice faces financial trouble and more complex ethical issues than ever before when the show returns to ABC October 1. In the meantime, what are your Season 2 predictions for their breaks ups, medical challenges and more? - Anna Dimond More on the Practice: " Private Practice Cast Teases Season 2