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It's the moment Addison Montgomery has been waiting for since creator Shonda Rhimes spun the former Grey's Anatomy character off into her own show Private Practice: She has a baby!

After declaring that she'd no longer be trying to be a mom, Addison (Kate Walsh) received a phone call in the closing moments of the episode informing her that a newborn was waiting for her at the hospital. Her patient, Judy, had chosen Addison to adopt her son, Henry, whom Addy had delivered earlier in the episode.

"Finally!" Walsh told TVGuide.com excitedly during a recent set visit. "It's such a great reveal. It was so much fun to shoot, and the way that they wrote it, it's such a surprise. It's sort of along those lines of once you let go of wanting a kid, or wanting something, then it appears."

Does the move to Tuesday night signal the end of Private Practice?

Addison had spent much of the season desperately trying to get pregnant, much to the detriment of her relationship with Sam (Taye Diggs), who wasn't interested in being a father again. With Addison finally getting a baby, the story has come full circle from the pilot episode, in which Derek's former wife traveled to Oceanside Wellness Center in hopes of getting pregnant.

"I feel like Addison is finally getting to be a real adult with getting the baby," Walsh says, noting that Addison will now be more focused on the new addition to her family than anything else.  "Even with all the other drama that's still happening in the practice, it's a little tempered because she's got her baby now and it makes you automatically a grownup, and everything is put into a totally different perspective. She's still involved, but she's not as fever pitch involved."

To make matters a little more complicated, Addison and Jake (Benjamin Bratt) made out during the hour... just moments before Addison and Sam shared a lip-lock. They were interrupted, however, by the baby phone call, which Addison conveniently failed to mention to Sam. Does baby Henry now squash any chance of Sam and Addison getting back together? "He seems to be pretty attentive for a guy that didn't want to be a dad again," Walsh says of the upcoming episodes.  

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Private Practice airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.