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Will Addison get to have her cake and eat it too?

The Private Practice doc's dreams finally came true when she was able to adopt baby Henry, but he isn't the only man in her life. Addison (Kate Walsh) has been torn between the two men whom she can't seem to stop kissing! On the one hand, there's Jake (Benjamin Bratt), who has begun to open up emotionally to her. On the other, former lover Sam (Taye Diggs), who surprisingly has stepped up on the baby front, despite his longtime reluctance to become a father again. So who will Addison choose?

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"People say to me, 'Is she going to end up with Sam or with Jake?' and I say, 'Or with Henry, the tiny little man in her life that she's parenting,'" executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells TVGuide.com of Addison's choice in the finale. "Is she going to get to have it all? Is she going to get to have everything? Is that possible? There's a really surprising ending to the season with that story line that I really love."

Amelia's (Caterina Scorsone) ordeal will be a catalyst for Addison to really look at what she's been doing with her life. Derek Shepherd's little sister will give birth to her baby, who has no brain, in order to donate the baby's organs in what Rhimes calls a "painful" and "controversial" moment in the finale.

"It really serves as a lovely backdrop for our characters, especially for Addison and for Charlotte [KaDee Strickland], to reflect on how far they've come and how much they've changed," Rhimes says. "Because in the past year, both Charlotte and Addison have become mothers in completely different ways, neither of which involved giving birth. And here's Amelia giving birth and she's not going to get to be a mother. So we had some really beautiful moments that really culminate in big changes for some of our characters."

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Still, whatever Addison may decide in the finale could still be left up in the air, though that may be a good thing. "We leave Private Practice with a very important question unanswered," Rhimes says. "When we end the season, Addison is left in a wonderful position of... I can't even say what it is, but a wonderful position!"

What wonderful position do you think Addison will be left in? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

The Private Practice finale airs Tuesday at 10/9c on ABC.