Tim Daly, <I>Private Practice</i> Tim Daly, Private Practice

On ABC's Private Practice last week, new light was shed on Oceanside Wellness' alternative-medicine man when former flame Meg popped back into his life. (They quickly picked up where they left off... right there, in his office.) What other surprises does Pete have for us? Tim Daly teases what's to come, as well as shares a cautionary tale about the perils of desk sex. (Private Practice airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET.)

TVGuide.com: I have to say, it's good to see Pete doing something with another woman these days, instead of working the Addison thing so intently.
Tim Daly:
The Addison thing, it just seemed unrealistic to me. They're adults, so if they're not going to get it on, move on. When you reach a certain age and two people are attracted to one another, it's like, "This ain't high school, so what's the impediment? Let's go!"

TVGuide.com: That said, I have to wonder just how good desk sex can be in the middle of a quiet, Zen workplace.
Well, I actually had to--

TVGuide.com: What, research that?
No, I've had sex on a desk, and the only thing that's unrealistic is that people have sex on a desk for like 20 seconds, until somebody says, "Ow!" They bump their shin or their knee....

TVGuide.com: Or a paperweight goes somewhere it shouldn't.
... or the spindle where you put your receipts. [Private Practice creator] Shonda [Rhimes] must really like having sex on desks, because there's been a lot of sweeping stuff off desks. And there's more where that came from!

TVGuide.com: Is Meg's larger purpose here to show us that we don't know Peter very well?
Part of it is to have a consummated romantic interest, but another part is to tell us something about his past. It's very interesting where this guy has come from. It makes him more complex to know that he was a badass field doctor and chose to go down the alternative road. He wasn't always this touchy-feely guy.

TVGuide.com: Do you think Pete believes he and Addison are a great fit, or is it more the thrill of the chase?
Pete is obviously incredibly hot for Addison, but they honestly don't know each other very well. We're pretty far ahead now and I don't want to give you too much about Peter's emotional development, but when the show started Pete was just a good-time guy. Then he started having more serious thoughts about Addison, but it never got going, so we don't know what it could be.

TVGuide.com: I see that Pete is involved in the upcoming case where Alexis Denisof (Angel) plays a man with two pregnant wives (see related news story, now with a new-and-improved photo).
That is a very interesting story. What makes it complicated is the guy is not philosophically a polygamist, but the circumstances have guided him to a place where he truly is in love with two women and is about to start two families at the same time. I'll be curious to see how audiences feel about it. I wasn't totally satisfied with how that story ends up, but it is a fascinating problem. It's not a story where you can out-of-hand dismiss the guy.

TVGuide.com: Before we go, I wanted to touch quickly on The Nine. I was supposed to debrief executive producer Hank Steinberg after the series got cancelled, but we never hooked up. Do you know anything about Nick's full story, what actually happened with him during the heist?
What happened with Nick was pretty much what you saw. He was handcuffed/tied down.... I don't want to denigrate Hank, because he's a fantastic and talented guy, but I don't think that Hank knew. [Laughs] He might have been hanging off the edge a bit. I think you'll have to go to the source to get the bible on that story!