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After getting married in the season premiere, Private Practice's Pete and Violet won't suddenly be a perfect couple — especially after all the drama brought on by their custody case last season.

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"I think that they're just avoiding our inevitable downfall because Private Practice isn't known for having relationships work out," Tim Daly, who plays Pete, tells "I'm just assuming that we'll do a couple more episodes and then it's all going to go to sh--. Happiness is inherently not dramatic. They give people a little taste and then make it all horrible."

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Part of the problem: the friendship between Violet (Amy Brenneman) and Cooper (Paul Adelstein), her maid of honor, is just too good. This will also strike discord in Coop's fiancée, Charlotte (KaDee Strickland), who strikes up a friendship with Pete to battle back their frustrations with their significant others.

"I think that they're interesting to put together because Charlotte is so hard and critical and Pete, to this point, has been such a humanist and sort of a guy that lives tolerating the gray areas of life," Daly says.

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As for Pete and Addison (Kate Walsh) ending their relationship in the season finale, Daly says all the hatchets are buried between them. "Addison is deeply into her thing with Sam [Taye Diggs]," he says, adding that he hasn't worked with Walsh too much this season. "I don't know if any of that stuff is going to resurface or what, but so far Addison and Pete have been happy colleagues."

Private Practice returns Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.