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In Thursday's episode of Private Practice, Charlotte's attacker, Lee McHenry (Nicholas Brendon), returns to the hospital and Charlotte and Cooper contemplate crossing a moral line.

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Knowing that Sam (Taye Diggs) is about to operate on the man who raped his fiancé, Cooper (Paul Adelstein) will try to convince his friend to let Lee die on the table. 

"He feels that Lee McHenry is a real threat to Charlotte, whether it's a physical threat or physiological threat, and Cooper wants that gone," Adelstein says. "He sees an opportunity for that to be taken care of and he pushes for that."

The return of Lee comes just as Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) has begun to pick up the pieces from her attack. "The audience is also going to go along that ride with Charlotte in making the decision [of whether or not to save Lee] and really trying to justify whether her healing is as important as her role as a doctor, and whether the two worlds can meet," Strickland says.

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Following this incident, an upcoming episode will feature the couple heading to therapy, the result of Charlotte removing her engagement ring. "Once he understands why she doesn't want to wear the ring, and when she understands why he wants her to, they end up on the same page," Adelstein explains. "But what's really going on there is that Cooper is feeling particularly guilty about what happened with Amelia. That comes out, probably not in the healthiest way, and the repercussions of that are vast."

"Cooper really cares about moving forward and making her his wife, and she really cares about moving forward and being a woman again," Strickland says. "Not to mention that Charlotte feels so strongly about the bond that these two women have together in their sobriety and healing."

"You're going to see a form of acceptance come over her," she continues. "You'll see what it means for her to be in a committed relationship with someone who knows everything about her, the worst and the best."

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As for when their actual nuptials will take place, "I hear we can anticipate it this season," Strickland teases.

Private Practice airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.