Lane Garrison by John Shearer/ Lane Garrison by John Shearer/
Lane Garrison is prepared for whatever sentence the judge hands him Aug. 2, according to a friend close to the actor. The former

Prison Break star faces up to six years for a guilty plea to charges stemming from a December crash that killed 17-year-old Vahagn Setian and seriously injured two other teens. "Lane knows the consequences," says Garrison's close friend, director Andrew Gallery. "He said, 'Of course I did it, I have to take responsibility and move on to make things better.' He's extremely sincere. He knows the gravity of the situation. He's positive; he knows there's a new path for him that he wants to take and he's ready to do that." Gallery directed Garrison's emotional testimonial on the dangers of alcohol as part of a 20-minute PSA film, "Graduation Day." Although the foundation sponsoring the film initially had reservations regarding Garrison's involvement, those producing the PSA became convinced his remorse was genuine. Gallery says, "Lane is adamant to do everything possible so this won't happen to anyone else." -

Reporting by N.F. Mendoza