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Prison Break: Who Is Poseidon?

We learned more about the big bad... except his/her identity

Tim Surette

You know it's an exciting episode of Prison Break when there's a prison break-out and a prison break-in in the same episode, and that's exactly what happened in "Prisoner's Dilemma."

With ISIL setting Yemen on fire with shells and explosions, the entire country was shaking in fear as the ISIL army pushed toward a complete takeover. Even the prison guards holding Michael (Wentworth Miller) called it quits and bailed on their posts, leaving Ogygia to fend for itself.

That allowed Michael the time to find a way out, finally, and -- ironically -- Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) time to find a way in. So while one brother was escaping prison, the other brother trying to help him escape from prison entered the prison to do just that. Don't you hate it when that happens? Eventually the two managed to find each other and share a big manly hug, reunited after all these years.

Prison Break: Michael's advantages crumble, along with his hope

Their reunion came at a cost, though. In the scuffle to find freedom, ISIL leader and resident madman Abu Ramal was killed by Whip (Augustus Prew) and it was all caught on camera. That was broadcast on TV, meaning every ISIL soldier knew that our heroes were responsible for the murder of their dear deranged leader. That is not good. But "Prisoner's Dilemma" dropped more hints about the season's biggest question: Who is Poseidon, the bad guy who supposedly sent Michael in to free Ramal and gave T-Bag his new robo-hand? Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) -- who ate a bullet courtesy of Poseidon's hitman, R.I.P. -- knew a few things about this supposed Poseidon and gave T-Bag (Robert Knepper) the download. Here's what we know:

- He/she is ex-CIA
- He/she is so deep that you can't find him/her with a sub (hence the nickname Poseidon)
- He/she sent Michael into Ogygia to release Abu Ramal
- He/she wants Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) alive in order to be led back to Michael
- He/she has a pair of hitmen working for him in New York
- He/she is independent and operates only to bolster his/her own ideology

But the biggest clue to Poseidon's identity came at the very end of the episode when T-Bag tracked the hitmen to a meeting with a mystery man, who turned out to be... Jacob (Mark Feuerstein), Sara's husband!

Is Jacob Poseidon? Or is he just working for Poseidon? Normally, four episodes in would be too early to reveal such a mystery villain, but remember, Prison Break's fifth season is only nine episodes long. But if he's actually Poseidon, then putting Michael and him together in a room seems a bit far off, given that Michael is still in Yemen.

What do you think?

Prison Break airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on FOx.