<i>Live</i>'s Kelly Ripa, <i>Prison Break</i>'s Wentworth Miller and <i>Charm School</i>'s Sharon Osbourne Live's Kelly Ripa, Prison Break's Wentworth Miller and Charm School's Sharon Osbourne

With little new TV this week, we built a nice fire, poured some egg nog, and took a seat across from our uncle Todd. Then he started talking about his job. We faked a yawn, went upstairs to watch TV, and pounded out our last Top Moments of the year. For a look at the entire year, and some distraction from your own Uncle Todd, check out our Best of 2008. Happy New Year!

8. Lamest Confrontation: On NBC's aspiring guilty pleasure Momma's Boys, Jo Jo's mom decides she'll go for a soak in the hot tub and finds... Jo Jo! Already in the tub! Holding hands with Brittany, and kissing her! Fortunately she breaks that up, because we all know that consenting adults should never be allowed to kiss or hold hands. Advice to mom in similar situations: Just walk away. Advice to Brittany: Same.

7. Fewest Fireworks: In a Charm School season that could have been dominated by the combustible combination of Heather, Brandi C. and Megan, Charm School instead ends with an elegant and — ooh! — charming ending. Brandi M. gets the $100,000, Destiney gets a fashion internship, and neither of them has to date Bret Michaels.

6. Best Gift: Season's Greetings, Heidi Montag's mom: Your daughter isn't married to Spencer Pratt. It turns out that wedding in Mexico we so enjoyed last week wasn't completely legitimate. Which means...The Hills tricked us? Can they do that?

5. Stagiest Celebration: Regis Philbin shows up at Kelly Ripa's house to help decorate her family's tree with the words, "Hi, everybody! It's me, Regis, with a Christmas present!" Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, asks their son Joaquin, "Do you remember Regis? He dropped you on your head a few years ago." Regis then drops the present, a Notre Dame football with his face on it, and millionaires Ripa and Consuelos make a big show of scolding Reege for the quarter-inch scratch this leaves on their floor. Only Joaquin has the decency to look mortified. All this nonsense and we still like Kelly better than Kathi Lee.

4. Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-For Award: In "The Miracle Job," a very special Christmas episode of Leverage, the gang fakes a miracle to save a church. But they draw such a crowd with their ruse that they soon have to fend off a new scheme to turn the church into a tourist trap. This feels like something that could really happen. Watch full episodes on our Online Video Guide.

3. Most Respectable Interview: Elvis Costello is one of the best performers and songwriters alive, and his interview with James Taylor for Spectacle on Sundance continued his four-episode streak of intelligent talks with people of substance. (Past guests have included Lou Reed, Tony Bennett, Elton John and a surprisingly dull Bill Clinton.) The former angry young man has proven he can get by in polite society, but we're ready for him to loosen up and have fun with some fresh faces. Maybe in a few episodes, when he welcomes Jenny Lewis

2. Mother of All Reveals: Sure, Fox's promos spilled the beans for some, but for many Prison Break fans it still was a jaw-dropper when Michael and Lincoln's mother was shown to be among the living (and played by Kathleen Quinlan). Will Linc realize he threatened his mama over the phone? Will Michael follow in her covert footsteps? Those questions will have to wait for the season's continuation ... sometime in '09.

1. Best Reminder: Wherever we found ourselves Tuesday — wrapping gifts, driving to the in-laws, trapped in the Dallas airport for 24 hours — we had to realize we were better off than the Marylanders we watched on CNN being rescued by helicopter after a broken water main trapped their cars in rushing, icy water. Thanks to heroic rescue workers, all survived. Get these people some cocoa, stat.

What were your Top Moments?