Sarah Wayne Callies by Jeremy Cowart/Fox Sarah Wayne Callies by Jeremy Cowart/Fox

Positively radiant (and sexy!) in a sleek minidress at Fox's upfronts after-party, Sarah Wayne Callies looked no worse for the wear, having been through such an ordeal early last season as Prison Break's Dr. Sara Tancredi. But now that Michael's love has her head on straight, what's next for the starcrossed pair? I grabbed a few minutes with Callies to get a peek at Season 4.

To steal one Fox publicist's line, "It's good to see you with your head on your shoulders."
That's very kind of you to say!

How does it feel to be promoting the show again? Who made the first overture to get you back?
I'm not sure because they called my representatives. Apparently something had been kicking around for a little while. I was actually in the process of negotiating to be on another show, and this came out of nowhere.

Especially given the circumstances of Dr. Sara's exit.
Especially given that I had not come out a-head in the third season. [ Winks] Let's get all those jokes out of the way. But no, it had to do with the fans. I'm enormously grateful for their persistence.

We at got so much mail....

Oh, yeah. People felt the Michael-Sara romance had been abruptly cut short.
That's interesting. I think it makes sense for me now to return and do justice to that, give it the closure it deserves.

Was Went[worth Miller] glad to see you?
That's a question for Went!

Do you have any idea where Sara will be coming from, emotionally? Is she, I could imagine, totally pissed off?
I think she's been through an enormous amount. Everybody on the show has been. But as one of the few characters who was not familiar with a life of crime before all this started, it's hitting her very hard. So I think this season for her is about negotiating the consequences of the choices she has had to make and the things that have been done to her as a result.

Jodi Lynn O'Keefe (Susan B.) told us she's dying to have scenes with you.
I've asked for them, too, but I haven't read a single script yet, so I don't know. There were so many terrific women in the third season, and I don't think I've ever had a scene with another woman....

No, just that nurse you conned into leaving the infirmary door open.
[ Laughs] Yeah, and she's a lovely woman and I'd love to work with her again. But any of the [new Prison Break actresses], I would love to work with.

As a working mom now, are you happier to be filming this season in Los Angeles, versus Chicago or Texas?
It's exciting for me to not have to relocate my family, absolutely.

So for how long do we have you around for? Best case.
I think I'm here to the bitter end, but I've thought that before. So who knows!

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