Wade Williams, Wentworth Miller, James Hiroyuki Liao, and William Fichtner, <EM>Prison Break</EM> Wade Williams, Wentworth Miller, James Hiroyuki Liao, and William Fichtner, Prison Break

Just in time for Prison Break’s two-hour season premiere (tonight at 8 pm/ET, Fox), the show’s cast has some lingering questions for exec producer Matt Olmstead. We were happy to serve as middlemen.

Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows): Where is that bag of money and when do I get my hands on it?
Matt Olmstead:
This is a question you have posed numerous times, Dominic, and the answer is Linc ain't getting it! The money — some $5 million stashed away by Westmoreland, a prisoner Michael befriended in the first season — is at the bottom of a lagoon in Panama. When the authorities came and dredged the shallow area for clues to the murder of Company operative Bill Kim, they found the bag. There were just a couple of bad apples in the normally trustworthy Panamanian police, but that's all it takes. You'll probably find some Panamanian cops with speedboats and vacation homes.

Purcell: If Sara's abductors did not kill her, then whose severed head was sent to me?
For our purposes, the head in the box is from the cadaver Lincoln went to identify at the morgue in Panama City when Sara first went missing. In the first episode of Season 4, we will come to understand why the Company wants Lincoln and Michael to believe that harm has come to Sara and why they sent that head in the box. When Lincoln opened the box, he did what 99 percent of the human population would do: The sight was so horrific, he recoiled and closed the lid. Presumably, an operative from the Company would've picked up the box after Lincoln left. Hopefully the neighborhood kids wouldn't have found it and used it as a soccer ball for the next couple of days.

Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield): Didn't Michael promise that he was going to deliver half of the money to Westmoreland's terminally ill daughter?
He did, but he got waylaid. It was what Michael promised — he had the money on him and was perfectly willing to do it, but when you're running for your life, you have to prioritize. Unfortunately, Michael never made it and we can only assume that the terminally ill daughter died peacefully in her sleep.

Saraj Wayne Callies (Dr. Sara Tancredi): In what ways does the Greek mythology referred to in this season's first episode represent larger themes that this fourth sea-son will explore?
The comparison between Michael and Odysseus of Homer's The Odyssey is drawn in this season's two-hour premiere. The whole thing comes from material they found through their father who was once part of the Company and was killed by Mahone [William Fichtner]. Michael and Lincoln's dad knew about the Company's little black book — the one thing that they can't afford to have taken from them. The code name for the book, with all of its incriminating information, is Scylla. In the myth, Odysseus sacrifices some of his crew to a man-eating monster named Scylla in order to go forward on his journey, and what hangs over Michael's head is: Are some of the people I am with going to be sacrificed, and can I live with that?

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Gretchen Morgan): Will you let Sara and Gretchen [aka Susan B. Anthony] work out their history on their own terms without the boys around?
That essentially describes Episode 8 of the new season. In Season 3, we saw Susan B. as cocky, the scarred and abused ex-military Company employee who enjoyed abusing others. In her world, it's war [with Sara] and she can't understand why they can't call a truce. But Sara has not descended into Gretchen's amoral netherworld, and things can't be so easily resolved. By the time Gretchen and Sara meet again, both of them have changed significantly. Gretchen had her fun, but now everything is going to be taken away from her. And Sara has had to deal with being abducted. You'd think it would be a catfight, but it's not. Earlier on, the confrontation might have been a battle to the death. And that showdown might still happen.

Wade Williams (Brad Bellick): Is Bellick getting a love interest?Olmstead: Bellick has always had a love interest and will continue to have one: himself. He thinks quite highly of himself and has fanciful dreams and goals. And, of course, he has his mother. When he was working at Fox River Penitentiary, he still lived at home. I think it's human nature that he would like nothing more than to be back in Joliet, Illinois, watching TV and eating a TV dinner with Mom.

Williams:  Is there any possibility of shooting the series in Europe next season?
Olmstead: For one, I don't know if there's going to be a next season. You need to approach each season as if it's your last.

Robert Knepper (T-Bag): Will T-Bag meet his father — hopefully played by Robert Duvall — this year? If not, then maybe his mother?
Olmstead: Well, of course, we'd love to have Robert Duvall. We'd like Brad Pitt, too, but you have to get into the practical. There are no plans for that. We saw in a Season 2 flashback that there was some kind of twisted abuse with the dad. And in Season 1, Bellick taunted T-Bag by saying he was the product of an inbred mom. We saw her in a flashback, sitting in a rocking chair, looking a bit touched, so she's in shape to return. Although we have addressed characters' back-grounds, this season is all about what's going on right now.

Amaury Nolasco (Sucre): Is Sucre ever going to reunite with Maricruz and see their baby? Olmstead: To say their relationship has been on-again, off-again would be an understatement, and there has been a hot debate about his loyalty to her. When he called her from Panama and said he had to let her go, there was still loyalty and love burning. I would think that Sucre's last moment in the series — regardless of whether they are or are not together — will involve Maricruz.

Camille Guaty (Maricruz): When will that baby be born?
Olmstead: In the timeline of the show, Maricruz is mid- to late-term. Tune in to the first hour of the season premiere, and that question will be answered in no uncertain terms.