The primates have run amok! While the vast majority of Homestead, Fla., is going without water and other necessities, they've got plenty of baboons. They've escaped from a local lab, wreaking havoc and spreading disease along the way. Russell won't have this, and he tries to recover them, along with the help of his local sheriff. And it turns out that Russell's wife, the reporter, is one of the last to learn about the impending baboon danger. Funny thing for a journalist. But this isn't the only time she comes up dim in this episode. She blabs to her family about the hazmat recovery (under the guise of being a downed aircraft search-and-rescue mission) that Sheriff Shadey showed her last week in order to get her off his back. Yes, last week she was inquisitive and this week she's got loose lips. Do you think Woodward and Bernstein went home and discussed Deep Throat at the dinner table? Somehow I doubt it.

And now for the big reveal  Sheriff Shadey is subhuman. It's official. Besides being the only one in town with water, which we know is mandatory for the survival of those water-based aliens, he discloses that he doesn't need to worry about exposure to the deadly baboon flu that has already killed three people in less than 48 hours. And he says this while entering the trailer of the "carrier" who, oddly enough, is not sick either. Creepy! Vanessa Rothschild

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