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The Oscars Has a Final (We Hope) Explanation for That Best Picture Flub

And we now have a name to blame

Malcolm Venable

In the entertainment world's biggest whodunnit of the year (which is saying a lot considering in just two months we've seen Mariah's "sabotage," Beyonce's Grammy dreams die and Halle Berry's Oscar hair) there's still a very real attempt to get to the bottom of what happened when Faye Dunaway announced that La La Landwon Best Picture over Moonlightat Sunday's Academy Awards

PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that's responsible for tallying the winners and protecting that information until it's revealed on the Oscars stage, has obviously spent the day apologizing and offering explanations ("The presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope," a previous release said) and now there's a follow up: Someone pulled the envelope for what was supposed to be the Best Picture winner from the wrong pile.

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Variety says that a partner at the firm, Brian Cullinan, who has four years experience handling envelopes at the awards, apparently plucked the unlucky red envelope from the wrong stack, and of course presenter Warren Beatty took it from there.

Here's how that Oscars flub went down

The very detailed Oscarsgate 2017 explanation involves where Cullinan and a colleague were positioned on stage, the placement of backup piles and a detailed sequence of events that might make for a good Oliver Stone short one day, but suffice it to say it all came down to good old-fashioned "human error." Hey, at least it made for unforgettable TV, right?